Inhale Exhale -Breathing Harmony-

I have been performing my way of communication with the global environment through the act of "breathing" at various locations.
While staying in those places, I exhibit the air I exhale (carbon dioxide) together with the local plants,
or exhibit breathing performances together with the local people.

All animals including human beings have been sustaining life activities by repeating this chemical reaction called breathing.
The basic premise of "being alive" is to "be breathing", for which, it is necessary to have a partner called "plants" that create oxygen by photosynthesis, which in turn means it is possible to touch the relationship between the unique ecosystem and life of a country.
Breathing is not just simply a chemical reaction.
The emotions and culture of people can be expressed through the change of rhythms.

Now let's play the melody of the Breathing Harmony with human-beings ,animals, plants and plankton on the earth.

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May I put a hand in your pocket?

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I am dancing with nature.
I assimilate naturally. and I feel power of life.

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